Chocolates by Leopold

Chocolates by Leopold

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170 Church Street

Montrose, PA 18801


Right downtown Montrose is a famous chocolatier. Chocolates by Leopold is all about taste – the best tasting gourmet chocolates you can find.

Their chocolatier, Leopold Schreiber uses fourth generation, German recipes for handmade candy centers. He also uses the lost art of starch-casting creams in a cornstarch infused with mineral oil. So their candy centers are creamy and flavorful with less sugar and no fillers.

Sign up to go on the Chocolate Factory tour, try their signature candy – Buttercrunch, a century old German butter toffee recipe handed down from master confectioner to master confectioner. They roast raw almonds in butter to give them an intense flavor. They then hand dip this center in chocolate and roll it in crushed almonds to create the perfect candy. It’s worth a try! Careful, it’s addictive.
The tours are free for groups of 6 or more. Reservations are required. Please contact by e-mail or call 570-278-1230

They also can make special chocolates to help with Fundraisers, Corporate Events or Weddings!

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