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Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Is an efficient,effective, and non-invasive method to reduce inflammation by moving the lymphatic fluid through your body-whether you have lymphedema from pathological disease, common edema, or a general sluggishness from inactivity or diet, moving the lymph through your body is essential to good health.


Improves edema, fibrocystic conditions, post-surgical swelling and swollen lymph nodes.
Better flow to the system and drainage of tissue.
Reduces symptoms of Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia
Detoxifies body tissues
Regenerates tissue, including burns, radiation burns, scars, stretch marks, and post-surgical scars.
Injury rehabilitation
Cosmetic enhancement for reduction of fluid deposits, healthier skin, and supportive of any cellulite reduction therapy.
Provides relaxation, emotional balance, and feelings of well-being and increased energy.
Eradicate the surplus waste material accumulated in the connective and fat tissues. Revitalize the cells, deliver more oxygen to them as a consequence rejuvenate them, drain excess water, or edema from the cells.
Put an end to lymph stasis.

Conditions reported to have benefited from Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy include but not limited to:
(ELDT) also proves to be very effective in case of inflammation or in the post-surgical phase after operations (e.g., oncological, lymph removal). Radiation Therapy, Breast lumps, inflammation, joint aches, allergies, sinus and respiratory problems, hormone imbalances,headaches, prostate and female problems, immune function, and microdermabrasion.

Therapy can be used in the following cases:
Lymph stasis, caused by traumatic situations
Rheumatic diseases
Joint inflammations
Degenerative disorders
Broken limbs
Vein stasis
Neurological disease, skin diseases
Chronic inflammations, mucous inflammations (sinusitis, tonsillitis)
In the pre/post-surgical phase in case of stomach, limb, orthopedic, traumatological operations after prosthetic surgery during rehabilitation

ELD used in aesthetic treatments:
In the pre-post-surgical phase
Cellulite treatment, detoxification treatment, deep cleaning of the skin
Facial rejuvenation, smoothing minor wrinkles
Decreasing and smoothing eye bags, decreasing edema in the face (before and after steroid treatment, tooth removal, oral surgery).
Slowing down the aging process of the skin
Breast “maintenance”
Reducing waistline fat tissue
Weight management
Revitalizing tired legs

ELD used in dental cases:
Before and after tooth removal
Before and after tooth implantation process
Gingivitis, periodontitis
Allergic inflammation due to dentures or crowns
Atrophy of gums
Sensitive teeth
Jaw joint problems

ELD used for revitalization, good general health:
Tissue regeneration
Restoring optimal cell functioning
Stress Release
Rejuvenation of the body
Enhancing the circulatory system
Enhancing memory functions,metabolism, resistance to sickness
Reducing pain (headaches, migraine)
Treating digestive disorders (constipation, intestinal inflammation)

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