Natural Gas

Yes, here in Montrose we have gas. We have lots of gas, and we’re not just “tooting” our own horn either, people are coming from all over to either drill or protest.

We have abundant and domestic energy right here to reduce our reliance on foreign sources and create jobs at home.

We’ve Got Gas

People could light their faucets on fire or even their ponds for the past 100+ years.  As you drive around, you’ll see pipes sticking out of a lot of ponds to release methane that is already there.

Articles and Information

There are loads of TRUE and FALSE information out there about Fracking, Drilling and all things Natural Gas related.

Send articles our way and we’ll share them, or go ahead and post them in the comments. We will delete hateful comments shaming either side if they are defaming, spiteful, or rude.

We’re here to share information so that you can make informed decisions and get all the facts you can.

What about that movie Gasland? 

What about Matt Damon’s new movie Promised Land?


Gas Brings New People and Trucks

Like it or not, the gas industry is here and bringing lots of new people and trucks to and through Montrose.

Please be careful when you are driving. There are loads of trucks on the roads.


Welcome to Montrose.

Thank you for being respectful and kind.



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