EMR Paintball

Just outside of Montrose on the 706 on the way to New Milford. You pass right by it if you take exit 223 off the 81 to head to Montrose.

Rt. 706 & 601, New Milford, PA 18834
(570) 465-9622

Monday Closed
TUES – SUNDAY 10am-5pm

Scenario Paintball Fields!

Book for Birthday Parties, Large Events, Camping Groups for 4 hours sessions or all day!

Over one acre in size, this field is the center of our “Castle Conquest”, held twice a year. It has a two story rampart entirely surrounding a full coutyard of barricades, buildings, and a three story tower commanding the center. The front wall sports two new three story towers and the entire Castle has over 30,000 square feet of playing area. There are staggered walls mixed with doorways and windows throughout the lower walls beneath the ramparts. 4 ground level doorways and 2 gang ramps to the upper ramparts are the only entrances. The castle is also lighted for night play. Accept no immitations:Play CASTLE AAARRRGH.

The New FORT WORR is the newest design that BLUE has come up with to add a whole other dimension to what EMR offers the players. Besides the field itself, BLUE has created a whole new event based on the field called FRONTIER WARS. BLUE and his staff are working hard to give the players the best Western Theme Field in the country to bring you this game pitting the fierce Native Warriors against the Soldiers and Settlers. This stockade fort is 128′ long per side with two story ramparts along each wall. There is a three story 24′ square blockhouse in the center of the fort and 17 buildings built into the walls of the fort. Each corner has a staircase going to the second story and there is an entranceway in the middle of each wall. On different parts of the surrounding field are a Trapper’s Camp with lean-tos and furs hanging, Miner’s Camp with mine shaft and miner’s shacks, Ranchouse with barn and corrals, and an Indian Village.

This five acre town sits adjacent to Castle AAARRGH and has two streets lined with one and two-story buildings. It is lighted for night play.

Purple Circles Purple Circles Playground
This Speed Ball field is exactly 150′ across and a perfect circle. The two sides are symmetrical, but the multi-height barricades face many different angles.

A 24′ square stockade Fort with a central 2 level blockhouse sitting on a knoll overlooking wooden tee-pees.

Fire Base VOODOO
A one acre fire base sitting on a rise with 8 acres of trees and fields surrounding it. The firebase has trenches and tunnels running throughout and is complete with a camo-netted fuel dump and command shack.

Hanse Hollow
An all natural woods and field with a gentle ridge running it’s full length. Dead center of the ridge is a natural bowl-like defensive position. There are stone fences as well as stone and log bunkers throughout the field.

An 8-acre village complete with stilted huts, trenches, tunnels, earth embankments, and ground buildings. It also includes 2, 2 story “Twin Towers”.

Castle Numbskull
Home Field of the “Boneheads”, EMR’s original Home Team. This 30′ square castle has four levels of defensive positions; ground level, raised corners, and a 2-story center tower. It sits in a clearing surrounded by woods and tall grass.

Sgt. Splatter’s Playland
This field sports a fortified 175′ foot bridge in the center of the field. There are numerous buildings at both ends of the field and a multitude of trenches, tunnels, and earth berms throughout the middle.

Marshal’s Madness
An oversized speedball court full of barricades of different sizes, shapes and heights.

STONEHENGE is 21 Custom ULTIMATE AIR bunkers that are utilized in different areas of the field for E.M.R.’s Big Games and Scenario Games.

Head Hunters Haven
Spool tops positioned throughout the deep woods with all the branches above cut up to 7′ off the ground. Creates a cool pine needle cushioned speedball court out of the sun.

Mom’s Rec Center
This two-story heated rec center houses a full fledged Paintball Store, Registration Center, Food & Drink Services. Tables and chairs are throughout the lounge area. Complete with ping-pong, pool table, fooseball, darts, and a stage where live bands perform during big events. The picnic pavillion has numerous tables, chairs, and a gas grill for anyone’s use. To the left of the Rec center is the 18 whip fill station with HP available up to 4500 psi. Inside the the lower level of the Rec Center is a full service Pro Shop. A picnic pavillion with sink and stage are also located across from the Rec Center.

Bunk Houses
30 Bunk Houses with 21 bunks and lights are free for all players to stay in. Many are insulated and EMR has heaters to rent for winter stays. Teams or groups of 15 or more players can get their own personal bunkhouse to customize and stay in. Call for details. In front of the bunk houses is a bonfire area, horseshoes, volleyball court, a swimming pond, and a catch-and-release fishing hole. In addition to bunkhouses, there are 96 campsites with 10 RV spots.

Hausmann’s Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays

Hausmann’s Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays

Hausmann’s Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays is located in northeastern Pennsylvania.

It is in the beautiful Endless Mountains of Susquehanna County, 18 miles west of Montrose (County Seat) and 18 miles south of Vestal, New York.

Situated on 110 acres of rolling hills with a variety of cover and terrain.

The course consists of between 16-22 Sporting Clay Stations, a Tower Field, Five Stand and Skeet Field, offering both the experienced and novice shooter an opportunity to improve his or her shooting ability. Sporting Clay Stations and Targets are changed regularly to provide interesting shots.

Open to the public on weekends (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) and during the week by reservations only.

Please call in advance for shooting times. Ernest W. Hausmann, or 570.934.2336.

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